Amy Koch to appear at MinnRoast; will she be "gently skewered" about Brodkorb?

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Is it possible to "gently skewer" someone about the role they played in destroying a political party?
Amy Koch is the latest celebrity booked to appear at MinnRoast, MinnPost's April 26 event at the Pantages Theatre where "journalists and politicians" are "gently skewered."

In a promotional post about the event, MinnPost notes that during Koch's 2011 appearance at MinnRoast, the "then-Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch danced with Sen. John Marty and brought down the house with a sharply worded, humorous monologue. Want to know what she's doing this year? Buy a ticket..."

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Two years after her dance with Marty, Koch is far removed from her days as majority leader. A sex scandal involving former Senate employee and fellow MNGOPer Michael Brodkorb cost Koch her job and marriage, and cost taxpayers about $200,000 in legal fees so far. So yes, we really are curious to find out if Koch, who is now out of politics and owns a bowling alley north of Buffalo, will be "gently skewered" about that hot mess. After all, what other material do roasters have to work with?

Nick Coleman, for one, hopes MinnPost will pony up and include Brodkorb in the MinnRoast as well. "Sexy! But only taxpayers get screwed!" he wrote.

Other celebrities booked for the event include Al Franken, Chris Kluwe, and R.T. Rybak, among others.

Governor Dayton taking "gentle" shots at the woman who was arguably more responsible than anyone else for the MNGOP's dramatic downfall? That in and of itself might be worth the $35 price of admission.

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