Astronaut snaps picture of Twin Cities from space [PHOTO]

Skylines rect.jpg
the Twin Cities Facebook page
If this shot provides a bird's-eye view, Marshburn's represents an alien's-eye view.
Astronaut Thomas H. Marshburn has been taking very cool pictures of world metropolises during his stint at the International Space Station, and thankfully for us, he's gotten in the habit of uploading them to his Twitter account.

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Yesterday, he shared a shot of the Twin Cities that was taken just before sunrise.

Here it is (click to enlarge):

twin cities from space.jpeg
Marshburn's caption: "Hello Twin Cities - you looked beautiful just before sunrise yesterday."

If you'd like to try to locate your favorite local landmark, MPR's Bob Collins helpfully superimposed some frames of reference on Marshburn's shot:

twin cities from space collins.jpg

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