Catholic board member arrested for soliciting prostitute after undercover cop lied to him

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Houle thought he took all the necessary precautions to avoid legal trouble, but he misunderstood the law.
Thomas Houle, a member of St. Croix Catholic School's Board of Directors and a Catholic school youth softball coach, was arrested in the same Fridley prostitution sting that nabbed Hill Murray football coach Mark Mauer.

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A Catholic official getting arrested for soliciting a prostitute is interesting enough, but the behavior of the undercover cop who solicited Houle is also worthy of discussion.

Houle's misadventure began when he responded to an online sex ad. Stillwater Patch tells the story from there:
The undercover officer -- posing as an escort -- answered a phone call from a man identifying himself as "Tom," who allegedly asked the officer how much she charged for one hour, to which the officer allegedly replied $150.

Houle then allegedly asked if the "escort" was a member of any type of law enforcement, the report states. The undercover cop replied, she was not -- and Houle then allegedly agreed to pay $150 for one hour.

Just after 1:15 p.m., Houle arrived at the LivInn Hotel, where the undercover cop escorted him to a room with video and audio surveillance, the report states.

Once inside the room, the police officer reportedly asked Houle what he was looking for, when "he became nervous and told me he was going to leave," the report states. "When I asked why he was leaving, he stated he was leaving because I was talking like a cop."

Houle then allegedly asked the undercover officer to prove she was not a cop.

"When I asked what I needed to do, he asked to grab my breast," the report states. Houle allegedly agreed to pay for sex, and asked once again, if the "escort" was a police officer.

"I told him again that I wasn't," the report states. "He then gave me $150 in cash I requested, plus a $50 tip."

That's when Fridley police rushed in and made the arrest.
Apparently, officers working in prostitution "details" (they don't tell them "stings") aren't legally obligated to inform prospective johns they're cops.

As Fridley police Lieutenant Mike Monsrud told Patch, "We did nothing to make [johns] do this -- we don't believe this is entrapment at all, and there has been a court precedent set backing us up on that."

Entrapment? Technically, maybe not. But if nothing else it's certainly dishonest.

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You're supposed to have them flash you before you talk about exchanging money or services!  Notice how the cop didn't let him grab her boob, dead giveaway. 


This is an outrageous waste of taxpayer money. Who cares if two consenting adults want to exchange money for sex. Not saying it is moral for Catholic youth softball coach to whoremonger, but it should not be illegal. Thomas Houle will rightly face the wrath of the family, friends, colleagues, and students whom he betrayed, and perhaps God's. However, that should be the end of it. I hope I get on his jury....


It's absolutely absurd to repeat the nonsensical common wisdom that police have to tell you the truth about being police officers if you ask them. It's not entrapment. Entrapment is what the FBI does by luring mentally-deficient people into "terrorism plots" by suggesting the ideas and then providing all the goods. Lying when asked if you're an undercover cop IS PART OF THE JOB.

Imagine how amusing all those crime dramas would be if all the goodfella had to do was say "Welcome to the team. Now, I'm askin' here, are you a cop? Are you wearing a wire?" and the agent had to say "Shucks, I guess I have to say 'Yes'" and wait for the bad guys to shoot him.

Shane Knapp
Shane Knapp

Better a hooker then an 8 year old boy


I love that people think that the police have the duty to tell them the truth......anyone heard of "undercover officers" or officers that get into the drug ring and try to bust the mob?  What if the mob leader asked, "are you a cop?"  To which the undercover cop would thereby HAVE TO SAY, "umm...yes.."  and then the mob boss would bury him in cement......ummmm..yeah - DUH PEOPLE!!!  Cops do not have to tell you the truth.  I absolutely love the part about the breast-touching and how it is conveniently left out of the report if he got to "cop a feel" of her booby - no pun intended.....

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

And the number of fucks given remains at zero.


Considering he is a Catholic youth softball coach, it could be  a lot worse.  I'd much rather read this story.

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