Confronted over hickey, White Bear man allegedly tried to electrocute lover in bathtub

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A violent confrontation about cheating allegedly culminated in Houston trying to throw electrical appliances into a tub along with his girlfriend.
In their White Bear Lake apartment around 3:30 a.m. last Tuesday, Carlos Houston's girlfriend confronted him about a hickey on his neck she didn't give him. But Carlos was drunk and unapologetic, telling her that if she thought the hickey was something, she should get a load of the photos of other women on his phone.

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According to authorities, during the course of the ensuing argument, Carlos asked his girlfriend: "Why don't you go kill yourself?" Things only escalated from there.

As his girlfriend tried to leave the apartment, Houston, 26, allegedly began physically attacking her. The Pioneer Press details what happened next:
[Houston] then turned on the bath water and dragged the woman into the bathroom by the hair, carrying an electric lamp and saying "I can't stand you! I hate you! I want you dead!" according to the complaint.

Houston threw the woman into the tub, the complaint said. She braced herself to avoid falling in.

Houston tried to throw the lamp into the tub but the cord didn't reach, the complaint said. It was the same with the curling iron, it said.
The couple's infant child was in the apartment while all this was going on, and after she made her way out of the bathroom, Houston's girlfriend picked the baby up. But according to the PiPress, Houston yanked the child out of her arms, began choking her again, and said, "You made me do this!" before the woman blacked out. When she came to, she left the apartment and contacted police.

After he was arrested, Houston, who was charged with felony counts of making terroristic threats and domestic assault by strangulation, admitted to choking the woman, but he wouldn't talk about what happened in the bathroom with authorities.

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