Deuvontay Charles of Mpls allegedly told girl, 15: Have sex with me, or I'll post nude pics of you

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Charles allegedly persuaded a girl to send him naked pictures of herself, then used them against her.
Deuvontay Charles, an 18-year-old Minneapolis resident, faces two felonies for allegedly blackmailing a 15-year-old girl by threatening to post naked pictures of her online.

-- Christian Montgomery used nude pics, social media to get revenge against his ex-girlfriend
-- Clinton Corry went berserk when ex-girlfriend blocked him on Facebook, charges say

According to the charges, Charles told the girl that if she didn't have sex with him, he'd upload the photos for the world to see.

From the Pioneer Press:
According to the criminal complaint, Charles persuaded the girl to send him nude and sexually explicit photos of herself.

He then said if she wouldn't have sex with him he would post the photos on Facebook and Instagram and give them to others, the complaint said.

He also created a Facebook page with her information and posted at least one of the photos there, according to the complaint.
Charles has been charged with felony counts of solicitation of a minor and soliciting a child for sex via electronic communication. He posted his $10,000 bail and was released from custody.

This story is just more evidence that it's always -- always! -- a good idea to think twice, three times, or however many times you need before hitting "send" on an electronic message containing a nude pic.

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Ryan Rock
Ryan Rock

I'm Glad the City Pages goes after Bad Guys But You really need to stop Saying some one committed a crime before Trial. How would you like this put on you. The anonymous Intern that posted this on the city pages FB page is a Part of a Child Sex trafficking Ring. City pages is Connected to Back pages where children are Exploited. This intern is aiding those criminal traffickers by throwing us of the Trial of the real criminals.


@Ryan Rock

 From the article:

"...faces two felonies for allegedly blackmailing"

"According to the charges..."

"According to the criminal complaint..."

"Charles has been charged with..."

These statements are all fact.  Where does it say he committed a crime? 

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