Ex-Twin Rene Tosoni's beaning sparks massive brawl during Canada-Mexico game [VIDEO]

tosoni brawl.jpg
Seems to us the root of the problem is the WBC's use of run differential as a tiebreaker. How un-baseball is that?
Rene Tosoni -- a Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and a veteran of 60 unremarkable games with the Twins during the 2011 season -- finally gave baseball fans a reason to remember his career.

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The 26-year-old Toronto native reacted testily after getting intentionally beaned during the 9th inning of Canada's blowout victory over Mexico in the World Baseball Classic, and the massive brawl that ensued was as ugly than anything seen on an MLB field in quite some time.

Here's the footage, with helpful commentary provided by ESPN:

Yikes! Good thing we're here to keep Canadians and Mexicans separated -- we never knew they had such violent distaste for each other.

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