Fox 9 led last night's 10 o'clock newscast with a real head-scratcher of a story [VIDEO]

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Sean Blakley is a proud gun owner, but maybe he should consider pawning some so he can pay his rent.
"Gun-owning tenant accuses landlord of ouster over firearms," the headline reads, promising a piece about the murky legalities of packing heat as a renter in our firearm-crazed society.

In fact, the story was deemed to be so hot, it actually led last night's Fox 9 10 o'clock news.

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"A metro man says he has to pack up and move, all because he's packing heat," Fox's Tom Lyden said as he introduced the story at the top of the newscast. "The tenant telling us he's being forced to find a new place to live all because he's a legal gun owner."

Sounds like an interesting issue, and maybe it is. But in this case, there are a couple other factors at work that are probably more pertinent to St. Louis Park resident Sean Blakley's rental plight than his status as a heat-packer.

For one, his month-to-month lease is up. And two, he's behind on his rent.

"It's clear this landlord-and-tenant relationship went somewhat sour before any discussions about guns even started," Fox reporter Leah Beno acknowledged at the end of her TV report.

Beno added another tenant renting from the same landlord "has a gun and for whatever reason the landlord does not have a problem with that."

Here's our hypothesis -- heat-packing tenant B has probably been paying his rent while refraining from feeding overcooked hit pieces to the local media.

If you're curious to watch for yourself, here's video of the report:



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