Gov. Dayton calls death of gun background checks bill "very disappointing," blasts NRA

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Dayton thinks Cornish is suffering from a case of "they took 'er guns!" paranoia.
Last night, a bill calling for backgrounds checks on all firearm purchases in Minnesota died in a House committee, meaning any gun control legislation approved this legislative session will be watered down at best.

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That was good news to staunch gun rights advocates like Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Good Thunder -- Cornish actually wore a semi-automatic rifle pin and NRA tie to a hearing about gun violence last month -- but it came as a disappointment to gun control advocates like Gov. Mark Dayton.

Hours before the background checks proposal died, Dayton, perhaps sensing that the votes to advance the bill might not be there, unloaded on Cornish and the NRA. From MPR:
DFL Gov. Mark Dayton leveled some sharp criticism today against the National Rifle Association and its opposition to universal background checks on gun purchases.

Dayton said it would be "very disappointing" if a bill requiring background checks failed this session. He also took issue with NRA claims that such measures would infringe on Second Amendment rights and could lead to gun confiscations. Dayton told reporters that no one is going to confiscate the guns of law abiding citizens.

"It's just a total bogus, hyped up way of trying to keep their membership up," Dayton said. "It's so beyond the pale of anything anybody is considering or proposing. We don't need the NRA to be posturing around to 'protect those rights,' because they don't need to be protected. They're sanctified in the constitution and every politician I know who's elected to office -- Republican, Democrat and the like -- understand that that's a right, and no one is going to take it away."
Recent polling indicates 70 percent of Minnesotans support expanding backgrounds checks on gun purchases, but the issue is a dicey one for DFL lawmakers from rural areas who are wary of being seen an anti-gun rights.

A Pioneer Press report discusses the legislation the sponsor of the universal background checks bill -- Rep. Michael Paymar, D-St. Paul -- will support now that his beefier proposal is dead:
[Paymar] said he will instead focus on a plan to extend background checks to all purchases at gun shows, but not other private gun sales or transfers. It will also have provisions from a bill backed by the National Rifle Association, including beefing up information included in the state's existing background check system and giving prosecutors more tools to crack down on illegal gun owners...

The NRA and gun rights advocates vowed to fight the newest version as well, saying it still doesn't accomplish the end goal of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. They also argued Paymar's delaying tactics throughout the day were to give DFL leadership more time to "bully" members of their own party to vote for it.
Cornish, in his colorful way, also said he opposes the new, watered-down gun-control bill.

"Unfortunately, we weren't able to cut the head off the snake and now it's going to slither its way onto the House floor where we'll have to kill it there," he said.

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Dan Mason
Dan Mason

I wonder why the DFL is working to hard to get us to vote MNGOP? Either way message received.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Republicans are clowns and the NRA is a corrupt bunch of bloodsucking monsters.  Refusing to do anything about gun violence just means every mass murder is going to land right at their door.  Sandy Hook, Columbine, Ft. Hood, and the rest will keep happening and more and more people will realize how wrong the NRA is.  They have a chance to shape laws now and prevent violence.  Their stupid stubborn way of doing things assures a complete gun ban in 20 years.  America is getting more and more liberal every year.  I doubt fucking idiots like Tony Cornish are going to change public opinion anytime soon.  His stupid grandstanding just shows smart sensible people how wrong and insane NRA backed politicians are.  Being right always wins in time.  Look at gay marriage.  The NRA won a battle, they will lose the war. 

Jean Claude Cau
Jean Claude Cau

After his comments, the Governor consumed his favorite meal- a large plate of pills.

Brett Andreas Campbell
Brett Andreas Campbell

Just trying to keep who's membership up? The GOP? Thanks for the enlightenment Mr. DFL. Take a peek in the mirror once in a while okay?

Brad Bergerson
Brad Bergerson

Mark Dayton is a lying. He says the laws will not take away 2nd Amendment rights. What is the purpose of the law then, if not to prevent people from getting firearms?

Daniel Wolter
Daniel Wolter

Shouldn't he be blasting the DFL leadership of the Minnesota Legislature - as they're the ones who killed it.


Jesus Christ people, how hard is it to understand that this bill wouldn't have done a goddamn thing to keep anyone safer. Not ghetto kids, not white elementary kids, nobody. Paymar and friends shit all over a bill that would hammer straw buyers and felons caught with guns. Those are the only measures you can say 100% will keep guns out of criminals' hands. Protect MN is against straw buyers and sending criminals to prison because more crime happens in the ghetto. Seriously, that's  what they claim! Nevermind that kids are being shot in the hood!


@ohfuckoff Less than 1/10 of 1% of shooting victims are at the hands of "mass shooters". The remainder of them are gang-and-drug related, and they all use handguns, not "assault rifles", AND they all get their guns illegally (either stolen or from drug cartels.) See: Chicago, Detroit, D.C., L.A., etc. Criminals do not legally buy guns and submit to "background checks". You can shut the NRA down and propose the strictest gun laws in the nation (again, See: Chicago), and it will do NOTHING to prevent gun violence. The only solution would be an outright ban on ALL guns, and that will NEVER happen due the prohibitive cost of enforcing that. Bottom line: We live in a violent world, so get used to it. Gun laws will only disarm the innocent and create a lucrative black market for the gun trade for criminals (See: The War on Drugs).  Want to protect yourself and your family? ARM YOURSELF.  

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