Greg Jennings, in full-page newspaper ad, says Minnesota move about "business" [IMAGE]

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As in any relationship, it's hard to hear that someone's heart is elsewhere.
In today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Packer-turned-Viking Greg Jennings took out a full-page ad thanking the Green Bay community for "for opening your arms and hearts to my family and me, and making Green Bay an easy place to love and call home."

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The ad, entitled "A Bittersweet Farewell," is pretty darn classy. But Vikings fans might not be totally thrilled about Jennings's suggestion that his move from Wisconsin to Minnesota was about "the business side" of football.

Here's the ad (click to enlarge):

greg jennings ad.jpg

Jennings can't be blamed for following the money, of course, but hearing that his Minnesota relocation was about dollars and cents has to sting a little bit for Vikings fans who (naively) believe they're rooting for something more than a piece of laundry.

That said, Jennings is said to be one of the NFL's nicest guys and we welcome him to the Twin Cities. Considering what the Vikings receiving corps looked like before he signed on the dotted line, we're happy he's wearing purple, no matter what his motivations are.

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