Jeffrey Trevino plotted to leave country after posting bail, prosecutors say

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Prosecutors believe Trevino planned to post bail, grab his passport, and take off.
After he was charged with murdering his wife, Kira, Jeffrey Trevino's bail was set at a relatively high $1 million.

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During a court hearing yesterday, Trevino's attorney, John Conard, argued that his client's bail should be lowered to $100,000. Citing his 14-year-old daughter who lives in the area, Conard said Trevino wouldn't flee the Twin Cities area. 

A Ramsey County judge ended up deciding not to reduce Trevino's bail. But what's interesting is the story prosecutors shared while making a case that Trevino is indeed a flight risk.

From the Star Tribune
The Trevinos during happier times.
In one jailhouse call, Jeffery D. Trevino asked family members to retrieve a briefcase from under his bed that contained a passport.

In another, he urged them not to put any of their houses up as collateral to bail him out of jail.

Those calls that the 39-year-old St. Paul man accused of murdering his wife made were monitored and a Ramsey County prosecutor said they add up to a plan by Trevino to flee -- if he could make bail.

"The implication is he intends to flee and he doesn't want anyone to lose their house," Assistant County Attorney Richard Dusterhoft told Ramsey County District Judge Rosanne Nathanson during a hearing Thursday.

Dusterhoft later said that police had already confiscated the briefcase and passport.
Meanwhile, Kira's body still hasn't been found, meaning that as it stands, prosectors will have to build their second-degree murder case around the "copious" amount of blood found in the Trevinos' home after Kira's disappearance (along with a significant amount of circumstantial evidence). During yesterday's hearing, it was revealed that the blood was indeed Kira's.

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Denny Busho

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Eric Shawn Smith

They should beat this fucker until he reveals the location of her body.

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