J.J. Barea called Ray Allen a "fucking pussy" after getting ejected [VIDEO]

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Barea wasn't shy about telling Allen what he thinks of him.
Last night's competitive contest between the Timberwolves and the defending NBA champions was ruined in the fourth quarter by horrendous officiating.

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J.J. Barea was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul for bumping the Miami Heat's Ray Allen, meaning officials somehow concluded his love tap involved both unnecessary and excessive contact. Barea was ejected, and after T-Wolves coach Rick Adelman complained about the call, he was hit with a technical foul. When the dust cleared, the Heat were awarded three free throws and the ball, turning a tight six-point game into a double-digit blowout.

First, here's footage of the Barea-Allen altercation:

As Barea left the floor, he let Allen know how he felt about the flop and his melodramatic behavior afterward by calling him "a pussy" and "a fucking pussy." Here's the video:

Following the game, Adelman blasted the refs for the way they handled the situation, and Barea blasted Allen for "crying." From CBS Sports:
"I just have one question that I'd like to ask the league," said coach Rick Adelman. "Why is that a Flagrant [2] foul tonight, but the night Jarrett Jack hits [Greg] Stiemsma in the stomach with a forearm and that was a Flagrant 1? I just want to know the difference ... That changed the whole game. The whole game changed at that point. They got two free throws. They got the ball out of bounds. The whole game changed. It's hard to understand. They said it's a non-basketball play. I don't know what that is, so you'll have to ask them.

"That's what they said," Adelman continued. "We always ask the league. They'll probably say that they blew it. I mean, that's probably what's going to happen. At least come over and explain it, too. He just came over and said, 'You're gone.' There's no explanation; there's nothing."

Said Barea: "He hit me with an elbow almost close to my neck. That's part of the game, and then I just gave him a bump back. I've been playing in the NBA for seven years. I've been hit. I get hit harder than that every night. I don't get up crying, wanting to fight. Bynum almost knocked me out for the rest of my life. I didn't get up crying. You know? It's a little bump, so it's part of the game. Don't be like that. That's why the refs got all upset about it, but it's just a little bump.

"That was terrible," he said. "I get hit harder than that every night in the NBA."
Following last night's 97-81 loss, the 20-37 Wolves are now tied for the least wins in the Western Conference. Maybe the ultimate lesson is that loading up on white guys doesn't pay dividends?

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