John Kline gave $4,000 to Scott DesJarlais in October, but won't publicly support him now

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DesJarlais art by Tom Huck for City Pages
Kline is hosting a $500-per-plate fundraiser for DesJarlais, but won't say whether he wants the embattled Congressman to win reelection next year.
Tomorrow, Minnesota U.S. Rep. John Kline is hosting a fundraiser for sex scandal-embattled Tennessee U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais.

THE BACKSTORY: John Kline hosting fundraiser for "anti-abortion zealot with running tab at Planned Parenthood"

Kline won't be attending the event and his spokesman won't say whether Kline wants DesJarlais to win reelection next year, but a Federal Election Commission report indicates Kline gave $4,000 to DesJarlais last October -- after news DesJarlais had an affair with a patient of his and urged her to get an abortion went public.

According to the report, Kline's Freedom and Security PAC made two contribution to the Friends of Scott DesJarlais committee last October 22, one for $1,500 and another for $2,500.

So if money really does talk, then it's clear Kline supports the man we described as "an anti-abortion zealot with a running tab at Planned Parenthood" in our recent feature about America's weirdest Congresspeople.

We're not sure what's worse -- Kline's financial support for DesJarlais and his jaw-dropping pro-life hypocrisy, or the fact that Kline is apparently so ashamed of that support he's unwilling to just come out and say he hopes DesJarlais wins reelection.

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