Jon Stewart on Bachmann: "It's all bullshit" [VIDEO]

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Michele might be able to run from CNN reporters, but these days she's got both liberals and conservatives on her tail.
The Washington Post, CNN, PolitiFact, Bill O'Reilly, federal investigators, and now Jon Stewart. What's next, Marcus Bachmann going public with broadsides against Minnesota's wackiest congressperson?

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Last night, Stewart offered up the most succinct in a seemingly unending string of criticisms directed at Michele Bachmann, who has been under fire since her disastrous March 15 CPAC speech.

Speaking specifically of Bachmann's "Four Pinocchios" argument that Barack Obama is wasting taxpayer money with his lavish White House lifestyle, Stewart concluded: "It's all bullshit."

Here's a transcript of Stewart's comments about Bachmann, followed by the raw video (to skip right to the part about Bachmann, fast-forward to just after the one-minute mark):
BACHMANN AT CPAC: "... We are also the ones who are paying for someone to walk the president's dog."

STEWART: "Wow, she makes a good point. That is a sharp indictment of the president's wasteful lifestyle. [But] there is one problem."

ANDERSON COOPER DURING HIS SHOW LAST WEEK: "Congresswoman Bachmann apparently got her information from a 131-page self-published book by a longtime Republican lobbyist. The book provides no specific sourcing for the claims it makes."

STEWART: "Oh, it's all bullshit! All right, so here is the opportunity. Rather than seeming like an out-of-touch party that gets all its paranoid and conspiratorial information from dubious sources, graciously correct your wrong assertions and earn some much-need credibility back. Or... ruuuuuuuunnnn!"


Stewart: "Must keep running... facts catching up to me... must outrun facts..."

As far as Bachmann is concerned, perhaps the only silver lining to all the negative coverage she's received the last 10 days is that it's occurring more than a year and a half before the next election. If nothing else, Bachmann is remarkably resilient, but she'll have to dig herself out of a massive and self-created PR pit between now and then if she wants to continue serving in Congress past this election cycle.

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swmnguy topcommenter

It never gets to issues with Rep. Bachmann's politics or beliefs or policy proposals.  It's always about her bizarre behavior.  Which raises the question of whether she intentionally acts weird to distract and waylay anyone from coming to grips with her on the issues of the day.

Ed Burn
Ed Burn

Bachmann must be nervous. She's having her drones scrub her facebook pages. Is her aversion to truth the reason she doesn't do town halls or that kind of thing? She only wants to deal with those who are already under her thumb.


@swmnguy I doubt she's that clever. She acts weird for the same reason she embraces every paranoid conspiracy theory, because she's just not all there.

swmnguy topcommenter

@webcelt Yeah, you're probably right.  Her weirdness is probably the genuine thing about her.

green23 topcommenter


"you need to realize that the people who live in her district basically vote for anyone who has an (R) at the end of their name."

I've laid this out before, but I'll do so again. 

Bachmann's District is rated by Cook as R+7. That means that, in a "normal" election", Bachmann should win against a generic Democrat by *14* points. 

Now, Bachmann has never some near that margin of victory. That means that quite a lot of Republicans in her District simply *won't* "vote for anyone who has an (R) at the end of their name", as you put it. 

The attention that has been paid to her thus far has achieved very positive results.

She is unpopular State-wide, and does not have a chance for a Senate seat, Governor, or Lt. Governor position. 

She is unpopular nationally, as the last Presidential primary proved. 

Her popularity in her own District has declined steeply. She has barely broken 50% support in her elections, and the number of ballots cast for her in 2012 *declined* compared to 2008.  

It seems to me that the publicity is working.

swmnguy topcommenter

@keny1  That's a very interesting point, "Keny1."  There's a lot of merit to that point of view, and I can't really fault your logic.

On the other hand, I'm more concerned that "If we ignore her, she'll stick around FOREVER."  It isn't people like me, and apparently you, who are supporting her.  It's a coalition of people who think like her and those who find her politically expedient.  The first group will support her no matter what she does.  The second group might stop supporting her if she attracts enough negative attention to make the negatives of supporting her outweigh the expedience.

I think we've passed the point where anybody who pays attention to actual things might ever support her by accident; she's turned off everybody who doesn't already agree with her.  I don't think there's any middle ground on Rep. Bachmann among people who have any name-recognition of her.

I think it's telling that the most serious problems she now has are coming from her own (former) supporters.  This isn't about Liberals being horrified by her, or Somali Muslims as Glenn Beck is race-baiting.  This is people who believed in her and worked for her and allege that she ripped them off and thinks she has impunity.  That stuff is a lot harder to dismiss as ideologically-motivated, which is probably why the likes of Beck are resorting to racist stereotyping in her defense.

I appreciate the thoughtful, challenging response.


@swmnguy @webcelt I have a question for both of you: Obviously Rupar has a hard-on for this woman, as he CONSTANTLY writes these stupid National Enquirer-style blogs about her. I know for a fact that Rupar doesn't live in her district, and I am assuming that neither of you do either. So what is the point about ranting about her? She is digging her own political grave, but that said, you need to realize that the people who live in her district basically vote for anyone who has an (R) at the end of their name. Rupar can write countless blogs about her and that will not change that fact. Even though I am one of those "evil, greedy Conservatives", even I cannot stand this woman. But by constantly giving her the attention that she does not deserve, the only thing that you are doing is giving her more ammunition among her voter base to vote for her again. STOP THIS. Remember the old axiom, "Ignore them and they will go away"? Of course, I would love to see a moderate Conservative take her place, but in all likelihood that will never happen, because as long as she has the money and the will, and more importantly, the voter base who will buy into her bullshit due to the constant Liberal media ripping on her, expect her to win 2014.  If you want to see her gone in 2014, STOP talking about her. Once she is ignored, and is no longer a viable candidate, you can (and will) expect her campaign donations to drop to zero. But as long as the Liberal media keeps on giving her that attention, Michelle will continue to be the necessary evil that none of us want.

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