Jose Canseco desperately wants to play for St. Paul Saints

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Jose Canseco is ready for his Saints uniform
Jose Canseco wants to take his talents to St. Paul.

The disgraced steroid-abusing slugger was the subject of a facetious Star Tribune column by Jim Souhan suggesting that Canseco would be a perfect match for the publicity-loving Saints.

Canseco would be perfect for the St. Paul Saints. He'd bring attention whether he played well or not. He'd probably say or do something crazy. And he might occasionally make contact with a fastball.

But now that Canseco has gotten wind of the idea, he has taken to Twitter to beg Saints' management to take him seriously.

Will one half of the Bash Bros be coming to Minnesota? When it comes to the Saints, stranger things have happened.

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Shawn McNulty
Shawn McNulty

only if he signs my worthless 86 Donruss baseball card.

Michael A. Neitzel
Michael A. Neitzel

Maybe the Saints can put their pig on steroids and name it 'Anabolic'

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