Mac Hammond, Brooklyn Park mega-church leader, warns that gay marriage "will silence and punish [us]"

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A post on Pastor Mac Hammond's blog is headlined, "URGENT."
Pastor Mac Hammond -- the Brooklyn Park mega-church leader, Michele Bachmann-supporter, private plane-flyer, and IRS facer-offer -- is worried about how same-sex marriage will affect his followers. And he wants them to worry, too.

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Last week on his blog, Hammond wrote a post warning, "Without action same-sex marriage will impact all of us."

For those who question how a union would impact anyone other than the couple getting hitched, Hammond explains:
Bills are now before our state legislature to legalize same-sex marriage and make illegal any voiced opinion opposing it. You may not think these bills will affect you, your family, or your business. To the contrary, like no other law in our state's history, if these bills pass, there will be a devastating impact on our culture, our churches, our personal and parental rights, our public and private educational systems, our professions, and even what we tweet and post on Facebook.  No Minnesotan will escape the consequences of this bill on his/her family or business. The response of every individual receiving this communication is urgent and critical.
Hammond backs up these assertions by pointing at other states and countries that allow same-sex couples to wed. His long list of bullet points cites the Christian Post, FOX News, the Catholic News Agency, and similar sources, and spans categories such as the lack of "protection" for religious conviction, fines against businesses that oppose same-sex marriage, and parental rights (for instance, "Parents cannot opt kids out of pro-homosexual curriculum").

"These [Minnesota] bills will make those who believe marriage is between a man and woman the equivalent of bigots," Hammond cautions. "Terms like 'equality' and 'diversity' will be code for marginalizing Christian beliefs."

Hammond concludes his missive by urging his readers to call their state representatives. "Don't be silent!" he says, in all caps.

Still, as if concerned that his one letter wasn't enough, Hammond took to his computer for a follow-up post the next day. This time, he raised the stakes, writing "URGENT" in front of his headline.

In this post, Hammond makes his main concern even more clear. "Most alarming," he writes:
is the forced "training" both public and private grade school kids will endure on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. All schools, including private schools, will be forced by the government to actively "support" students' sexual orientation and gender identity. While proponents of these bills try to make the public believe these bills are only intended to confer "marriage rights" to a small number of Minnesotans, the reality is that they will strip the majority of Minnesotans of their rights in exchange.
Hammond links to his bulleted list from the day before, which he identifies as compiled by "a lawyer in our congregation," as evidence of "how Christianity is under attack in the places where gay marriage has been legalized." The post leaves off with another plea for Hammond's flock to dial the Capitol and ask their reps to vote against legalizing same-sex marriage.

Hammond's message isn't limited to his blog (entries in which are also sent out as e-mails to his congregation). The weekend of March 15 and 16, Hammond's church, the Living Word Christian Center, hosted an event titled "The Power of Change Women's Conference."

The idea? To "minister to women affected by lesbianism," as guided by the "ex-lesbian" author of Called Out--A Former Lesbian's Discovery of Freedom. We can see why Bachmann's a fan.

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I Told You So ....4 of the most useless words tied together in the English language, yet everything Pastor Mac says became true. Christian Businesses are forced out of business because they won't cater 'LGBT' events-yet 'LBGT' friendly businesses can refuse service to specific Christian events. Military leaders fired from their positions because of their statements not supporting 'gay' unions(not because they purposefully discriminated against their subordinates.

Read George Orwell's "Animal Farm" again folks. Those in 'control' are deciding who lives and dies, and who's story gets told. As to "MichelleBachman", anyone can spit on the opposing team as the players take the field. Put some substance in your comments and quit drooling. And, oh by the way, if you are going to throw stones, let's expose the details of your life and see if they measure up.


I think the churches should have a say, and like any good citizen, they should pay to play. Tax them all. They deserve equal treatment to any other business.


.Also, the IRS investigation turned up nothing. From what I can tell, they have formally dismissed the investigation with no findings, no legal issues, and no further action planned. For me, it's nice to see a pastor, heck, even a Christian stand up for what they believe in and do it in a way that helps others of the same beliefs make the same stand.


City Pages, and Ms. Olivia... I read both posts by Mr. Hammond and failed to find any mention of worry. The tone of his post and encouragement to those reading didn't seem based in fear but rather communicated an urgent and timely message for anyone willing to take action.

I also looked into the details of your other posts that you link to in this article. Guess what I found? more journalistic errors and media agendas. Hammond, nor his church, nor his family, have ever filed bankruptcy. A brief search online will reveal his churches annual report that details the financial happenings of the year. His church recently completed an addition to their Brooklyn Park campus and has another expansion planned for 2013-14.

Also, the IRS investigation turned


This guy and his ilk are something else, aren't they.  They are so brutally oppressed, having to live in a world with things that aren't any of their business or concern, but which they don't like because they insist on minding everybody else's business.

And this meme I see all over about how terrible it will be for them if they aren't allowed to be bigots all the time?  The horror.  They won't be able to shield their kids from everyday reality that they already are completely aware of?  They might not be allowed to impose their religious views on everybody else?  They won't be allowed to discriminate in ways that are, if not already illegal, bad business and bad general practice, not to mention rotten humanity?

This is the exact same dog-and-pony show they trotted out to oppose Civil Rights, interracial marriage, any and all non-white immigrants, the use of languages other than English for any purpose, and on and on and on.  The shrillness of the whining is telling.  It is absolutely astonishing how fast America has turned on these gender issues.  Until very recently, people thought such issues were ooky and didn't want to even think about them.  Then, once forced to at least acknowledge, them, America's reaction has bee a thundering, overwhelming, "Who Cares?  Why the hell not?  Now that we think about it, we know a lot of people like that all around us, so can we just treat them like everybody else and STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS?" 

These people talk about immorality and sexual perversion, but all they want to do is rant on and on about weird deviant stuff that only they and internet-adventurous teenaged boys have ever even thought of, while insisting on their right to keep someone as a designated scapegoat for them to treat badly to make themselves feel less irrelevant.  These people lead such pointless lives they are willing to give Mac Hammond enough money to live like a king, so he can tell them whom they are superior to and whom they ought to fear.  Uggh.  What icky, icky people.


Again and again, we see that disagreeing with evangelicals or failing to vote for them is "oppression" and "persecution". 

The Right has doubled down on this issue. Now, they are tripling down. Hammond is unlikely to persuade anyone outside of the evangelical bubble. We've heard this all before.


The poor rich, white Christians. If only they weren't so marginalized.

Kevin Green
Kevin Green

I thought Jesus threw out the money changers???


wonder what he would do if his child was gay?????

Self righteous  man

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