Man seen masturbating during St. Patrick's Day parade tells police he was "picking a scab"

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Young gave some downtown St. Paul paradegoers more of a show than they bargained for.
Confronted by police after he was seen masturbating in downtown St. Paul around the time the St. Patrick's Day parade was going on, 39-year-old Steven Young offered an imaginative explanation.

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He was simply picking a scab on his penis, Young told police, adding as an aside that he'd been smoking loads of meth during the previous handful of days.

The criminal complaint tells the story:
On March 16, 2013, at approximately 1:52 p.m., AN attended the Saint Patrick's Day parade in downtown Saint Paul. AN and her son, TN (DOB: 8-24-2006), returned to the parking ramp where they parked their car near West 9th Street and Main Street, Saint Paul, Ramsey County. AN saw STEVEN CRAIG YOUNG (DOB: 7-6-1973) leaning with his back against the parking ramp facing the street. Young had his pants down and his penis exposed. Young was masturbating by stroking his penis. AN covered TN's eyes as they walked past but he saw Young masturbating. Young did not say anything as they walked past. AN contacted St. Joseph's Hospital Security about Young.

A parking ramp employee, MT, also saw Young masturbating on the sidewalk. Young told the security guard that he was picking a scab on his penis. When asked what he was doing by police, Young said, "Something I'm not supposed to do." Young said he had been drinking since 11:00 a.m. and appeared slightly intoxicated.

Young was advised of his constitutional rights and agreed to speak to police. Young said he had been smoking methamphetamine for 3-4 days. Young said that his personality changes when he smokes methamphetamine and he does thing he would normally not do. Young denied masturbating and expressed surprise that this was why he was arrested. Young recalled telling a security guard that he was picking a scab on his penis. Young admitted adults and children where walking around the area.
Young was arrested and charged with gross misdemeanor criminal sexual conduct and misdemeanor indecent exposure.

We hope, for Young's sake, that he wasn't really picking a scab, though considering what meth can do to a person, it isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

-- h/t: Chao Xiong --

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