Mankato Free Press on "Rapefruit" fiasco: "Next time, we'll just use the G"

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It's been called the "worst headline in history" and "a terrible idea for breakfast," among other things.
To its credit, the Mankato Free Press is having fun with yesterday's unfortunate "Rapefruit" gaffe.

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In an editorial published last night, the paper promises, "Next time, we'll just use the G."

Here's the editorial:
MANKATO -- An unfortunate headline in Tuesday's Currents section of The Free Press caused quite a flap on social media.

The headline in question summarized an article about grapefruit and included a recipe for Spiced Grapefruit Compote. The headline was intended to read "Grapefruit" -- with a slice of the fruit substituting for the G. Instead, many readers interpreted the headline as "Rapefruit."

The gaffe was tweeted by City Pages and the Poynter Institute, and written about by The Sideshow, a media blog at Yahoo News. said it may be the "most unfortunate article headline in print journalism history." On The Free Press Facebook site, the headline prompted dozens of comments.

"Obviously, in hindsight, we would have done this differently," said Jim Santori, publisher of The Free Press.
We don't think editors and layout folks there should regret anything. After all, for non-Mankato Free Press members of the media, it was a lot of fun, and that's worth something, right?

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