Conservatives upset Mark Dayton missed speech for birth of first grandchild

Dayton and his grandson, Hugo
Rather than be at the hospital for the birth of his first grandchild, some conservatives thought Dayton should've gone ahead with a Chamber of Commerce speech.
On Wednesday morning, Gov. Mark Dayton made an appearance at Blaine High School and spoke to students. According to Sally Jo Sorensen, he left around 9:45 a.m.

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Dayton was scheduled to give a speech before the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce later that morning, but he sent his chief of staff, Tina Flint Smith, in his place. The reason? He wanted to meet his first grandchild as soon as possible after his daughter-in-law gave birth via C-section. Seems like a perfectly fine reason to get a substitute for a speech, doesn't it?

Not to some of the foremost members of Minnesota's conservative Twitter intelligentsia, who questioned whether Dayton was telling the truth about the birth, and even if he was, wondered aloud whether it was sufficient reason to miss the speech. It should be noted that according to Dayton's press secretary, the governor told the Chamber he'd miss the speech due to his grandchild's birth two weeks in advance.

Here are some choice cuts from interactions among "conservative activist" and onetime MNGOP official Sheila Kihne, lawyer and conservative blogger John Gilmore, and Minnesota Majority Executive Director John Rouleau: Indeed, Dayton's grandson, Hugo, was born at 12:27 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, about an hour after his Chamber speech was scheduled to begin. On Facebook, Dayton posted that he's "so happy" for his son Eric and his wife Cory and said he "appreciate[s] all your well wishes." He later posted a picture of himself holding little Hugo (visible at top of this post).

Not exactly compassionate conservatism, is it?

-- h/t: Bluestem Prairie --

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