Michael Brodkorb pleads guilty to DUI, says he "should be dead" [UPDATE]

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After his crash, Brodkorb said: "The message is don't drink and drive, and wear a seatbelt. It's a message I will repeat for the rest of my life."
Michael Brodkorb has pleaded guilty to fourth-degree DUI in connection with a one-car crash that left him in critical condition in January.

THE BACKSTORY: Michael Brodkorb had .10 BAL when he seriously injured himself in one-car wreck

According to WCCO, Brodkorb was sentenced to a $500 fine and one year of probation.

Fourth-degree DUI cases involve no "aggravating factors" and are misdemeanors.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Brodkorb just released a statement regarding his guilty plea. Here it is:

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