Michael Brodkorb pleads guilty to DUI, says he "should be dead" [UPDATE]

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After his crash, Brodkorb said: "The message is don't drink and drive, and wear a seatbelt. It's a message I will repeat for the rest of my life."
Michael Brodkorb has pleaded guilty to fourth-degree DUI in connection with a one-car crash that left him in critical condition in January.

THE BACKSTORY: Michael Brodkorb had .10 BAL when he seriously injured himself in one-car wreck

According to WCCO, Brodkorb was sentenced to a $500 fine and one year of probation.

Fourth-degree DUI cases involve no "aggravating factors" and are misdemeanors.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Brodkorb just released a statement regarding his guilty plea. Here it is:

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Dog Gone
Dog Gone topcommenter

Just think what Brodkorb would have done to a Democrat who did the things he has done.

How do you NOT plead guilty when you have so much alcohol in your system it can be smelled distinctly by first responders, backed up by the lab tests? Imho, that makes his 'taking responsibility' not much of an option, since his responsibility was unavoidably clear.  Avoiding a trial, among other things, saves the information on where he was coming from getting public attention.

Apparently when Brodkorb does things like adultery or drunk driving or character assassination, everyone is supposed to make nice.  Thank god he didn't hurt or kill someone else, as so many drunk drivers do. 

Three counts of his malicious litigation have been dismissed that has cost the state taxpayers going on a quarter of a million dollars that could have been better spent on something more useful than gratifying his enormous ego and trying to justify his adulterous affair and power mongering.

I hope the remaining counts will be dismissed soon and that Brodkorb will disappear into the well deserved oblivion of his personal and public failure, instead of being a putrid oozing abscess on the body politic.  This is a man who does harm wherever he goes as his modus operandi.

Anyone want to bet that he has a good chance of being embraced by the hypocritical right again, so long as he returns to being a vicious bastard on their behalf?  Values party, my ass.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

what does this loser do again- other than having affairs and drinking and driving poorly

digitalprotocol topcommenter

is that like the standard rules for using  a comma?

ya it doesnt look like he knows how to write very well


I think what is most frightening is that he doesn't use the oxford comma.

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