Michele Bachmann says bloggers are a "miracle" and "where it's at!" during CPAC speech

bachmann CPAC rect.jpg
Photo of Bachmann at CPAC from Alex Seitz-Wald on Twitter
Her star may have faded a bit, but Michele still receives rock-star treatment at CPAC.
Earlier today, Michele Bachmann addressed an adoring throng at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland -- an event she no doubt falsely characterized as "the best party of the year!"

At the conclusion of her speech, Bachmann presented the award for "Blogger of the Year." It disappoints me to announce I was passed over in favor of Julie Borowski, creator of the Token Libertarian Girl video blog. (C'mon now! She barely updates that thing once a week...)

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But while my painstaking coverage of Bachmann wasn't enough to secure the "Blogger of the Year" title, I was heartened to hear some of the nice things Michele had to say about my profession.

"Bloggers are where it's at!" Michele said, adding that "through the miracle of bloggers, we're telling this good story" about how conservative values are prevailing over liberal ones. Given the state her party is in, we can only assume the bloggers she's referring to write historical fiction, but I still appreciate that Michele thinks my gig is hip and cool.

Bachmann went on to exhort her mostly youthful listeners to "grow up and assume the responsibilities of life. It's fun!"

See what I mean when I said she was lying about CPAC being the best party of the year?

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