MinnPost, MPR bloggers ding Vikings reporters for getting scooped on Percy Harvin trade

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Like cats and dogs and Leslie Frazier and Percy Harvin, reports and bloggers sometimes have difficultly getting along.
It's a good day for Percy Harvin. He gets traded from an organization he didn't seem particularly enthused to be a part of in the first place; presumably gets a new, lucrative, long-term contract; and, as an added bonus, the ganja-friendly wide receiver is headed to Seattle, Washington, where marijuana is legal.

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It has been a less happy day for the handful of Vikings reporters in town, who were scooped on the Harvin story story by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer.

As the locals scrambled to catch up to the fast-breaking news, MPR's Bob Collins offered up this tweet: And MinnPost's David Brauer chimed in with this: But sports reporters weren't about to take blogger disses lying down: The level of vitriol was then raised by the Pioneer Press's Brian Murphy: All in all, the back-and-forth was reminiscent of the "no access" Twitter war 1500 ESPN's Phil Mackey got into with local bloggers almost a year ago.

Can't we all just get along?

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