More than 1300 cars towed in winter's third snow emergency

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Even in March, at least 1,341 drivers haven't gotten used to Minneapolis's snow emergency parking restrictions.

That's how many people lost their cars to the city's tow trucks between Tuesday and Thursday as plows worked to clear nine-plus inches of snow out of the roads.

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On Wednesday morning, 450 drivers woke up to find that their cars had been impounded overnight, and tow trucks picked up an additional 483 cars over the course of the day.

On Thursday, the third and final day of the snow emergency, another 408 cars parked on the snowy side of the street were hauled away.

Silver lining for all the drivers begging a neighbor for a ride to the impound lot: With any luck, this will be our last snow emergency this season.

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The state must have so much money by now.  The best thing to do is to always remember not to park on the snowy sides of the streets. everyone learns their lessons their own way. Got impounded once too and i paid a hefty fine. the second time my car stalled right in the middle of the road and was seconds from being towed when another driver offered to tow my car to the nearest mechanic. if he didn't have  hitches on his trunk, i would have been towed again!  vowed never to have my car towed again.



barbertj23 topcommenter

I feel it's important to point out how bad Minneapolis is at plowing roads.

1st: I have seen multiple occasions in Whittier where they call a snow emergency, tow, but then don't plow, there has been a significant amount of snow on the roads the entirety of winter in my neighborhood and they certainly haven't been shy on towing.

2nd: The rules around calling a snow emergency are foggy at best, the city does little to nothing to be consistent or to inform people in the area. I've been in the Whittier / Uptown area for years now, long enough to know that you should expect new neighbors every year, it's unrealistic to expect people will "remember from last year", they didn't live here last year.

3rd: Does anyone else think the parking after a ploy rules are confusing as hell? You may park before the allotted time is over, if they've plowed, but they may ploy a couple times, to the curb, which they can't do since they'd destroy their ploys and curb in the process, but you can park, but we might tow you.


after 4 tickets this winter, i felt like mount vesuvius, about to blow. luckily, i found some great podcasts on anger management. now, anytime i see so much as a flake in the wind, i park my taurus 7 blocks away in the arby's lot. and you know what? i havent had a ticket since episode 16 of big bang theory, "The Tangible Affection Proof", plus i get my exercise in the morning. and while its warming up, i enjoy a corned beef and egg croissant and some green tea. as my podcasts have taught me, im turning a "negative into a positive" and feeding two birds with one seed.

Maria Gallagher
Maria Gallagher

Dang people! That's too much money for the State! Guess people have money to burn.

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