New Prague school shooting hoaxer, 12, charged with felony

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Police cars lined the street outside New Prague Middle School following yesterday's hoax school shooting report.
The student allegedly responsible for placing a hoax 911 call yesterday morning and reporting that an AK-toting gunman had injured two people and was still on the loose now faces a felony charge.

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According to a report published this afternoon by KSTP, the unnamed male student has been charged with felony terroristic threats "and will remain in detention for now."

More from KSTP:
At a hearing in Scott County juvenile court, a judge asked for more background about the boy before deciding whether he can be returned to his parents. The boy's attorney Marsh Halberg, says they'll be back in court Monday...

Bruce Rivers, a criminal defense attorney not involved in the case, said some previous prank emergency callers have been required to pay restitution for the cost of the massive emergency responses they prompted.
According to Minnesota statute, a felony terroristic threat under the "communicates to terrorize" subdivision carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $3,000 fine.

Today, the New Prague Middle School was evacuated for the second consecutive day, this time because of a bomb threat. And on Valentine's Day, New Prague High School was evacuated after a note saying there was a bomb in the building was found in a bathroom. The student responsible for the high school threat was expelled, KSTP reports. It's unclear whether his punishment went any further.

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