North Dakota moving to ban all abortions with "personhood" bills

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Move over Mississippi, eat your heart out Arkansas -- there is no state legislature more anti-abortion than North Dakota's.
North Dakota is establishing itself as the most anti-abortion state in the nation with "personhood" bills that are working their way through the GOP-dominated Legislature.

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If either of the measures are ultimately signed into law, North Dakota state law would clearly come into contradiction with federal law, which would likely set up a legal showdown over the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

The AP details the latest anti-abortion measures under consideration up in NoDak:
North Dakota lawmakers who approved what would be some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the U.S. are now considering outlawing all abortions.

The "personhood" measures would ban abortions by defining human life as beginning with conception. It's drawing opposition from some doctors who say it could cause problems for infertile couples seeking to use in vitro fertilization to conceive, but supporters insist that's addressed in the legislation.

The state Senate passed two personhood measures last month, and the House could vote as soon as Tuesday. One of the bills would make the proposal a state law and another is a resolution that would put the definition into the state constitution, if passed by voters.
News of the "personhood" measures comes just a day after the North Dakota Legislature approved the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the country. From Politico:
The North Dakota Legislature has approved a bill that would ban abortions at approximately six weeks. That would be the earliest abortion ban in the nation and likely set up a clash with the Supreme Court's long-established Roe v. Wade precedent.

The bill, passed by the state Senate on Friday after passage in the House last month, is one of a half-dozen strict anti-abortion bills the Legislature is considering this session. It would ban most abortions after a heartbeat is detected -- which is typically six weeks to seven weeks into a pregnancy -- with an exception for the health or the life of the mother...

The state Senate also passed a bill prohibiting sex-selective abortions and abortions based on a diagnosis of genetic abnormality. Both bills now go to Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple for his signature or veto. He has three legislative days to consider them, and if he gives the OK, they'll go into effect Aug. 1.

Republican state Rep. Bette Grande, the bills' sponsor, said she feels confident Dalrymple -- also a Republican -- will sign both.
Regarding the personhood measures, Dr. Steffen Christensen, founder of Fargo's in vitro fertilization clinic, said the bills would force him to shut down.

"The concern is this is criminal negligence if anything should happen to an embryo," Christensen told Forum Communications.

Others are appalled that the measures would force women who are raped and become pregnant to carry the child to term.

But state Sen. Margaret Sitte, R-Bismarck, argues that children resulting from rape shouldn't be punished for crimes they didn't commit.

"Rape is a horrible crime. It is absolutely devastating," Sitte told the AP. "But do we believe in capital punishment for those children?"

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Geoff Carl
Geoff Carl

Does anyone remember what happens when abortion is made illegal? You heard it here first. Crime rate will quadruple 20 years later.

Jeris Sunneberg
Jeris Sunneberg

why does this article have a picture of John Kline as its heading?

Stuttering John
Stuttering John

They got NDSU to change their team name so maybe North Dakota just takes baby steps. Inbred bible thumping baby steps.

Cheri Ponto
Cheri Ponto

Luckily there are a group of doctors fighting against it. I find it funny that many of the people against ObamaCare who think there will be death panels deciding our health care, are the ones who are trying to get abortion (a decision between a woman and her doctor) outlawed. They are deciding health care based on their own beliefs.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Budge priorities: 

Minnesota DFL:   Jobs, education, and small business investment

North Dakota Republicans:  Let's throw all our money in the toilet in a stupid attempt to make abortion illegal. 

Now you see why Minnesota is a rich successful state where all the smart young people from North Dakota want to move.   Keep wasting your oil money stupid hicks. 

Cara Flora
Cara Flora

North Dakota is terrified of women. it's turning into a giant sausage fest, maybe they will die out.

Sammy L Cater
Sammy L Cater

birth control is ones responsibility.....if still get pregnant, totally meant to be.... it maybe the persons "body", but it is also the fetuses body as well...abortion is murder there is no way around it...... kind of funny how in the same state 1 can be convicted of murder for the life of an unborn baby, but yet the women has the right to murder .... beyond me

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