Ricky Rubio puts bow on first triple-double with work-of-art dribble fakeout [VIDEO]

ricky rubio trip dub rect.jpg
Don't let the good looks and boyish charm fool you -- Ricky is as competitive as they come.
Seventeen games under .500 and 10 games out of a playoff berth, it's been a bitterly disappointing year for the Timberwolves. But one undeniable bright spot has been Ricky Rubio's stellar play now that he looks to be fully recovered from last season's knee injury.

-- Ricky Rubio's in-game pep talk to Shved: "Alexey, change this face. Be happy. Enjoy!" [VIDEO]
-- Ricky Rubio on sick no-look pass during Rising Stars game: "I have eyes in my back" [VIDEO]

With more than 13 points, eight assists, and seven rebounds per game in March, Ricky is in the midst of the best month of his NBA career. And he's never been better than he was in the Wolves' surprising 107-83 victory last night over a Spurs team playing without All-Stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

Rubio racked up his first triple-double -- 21 points, 13 rebounds, and 12 assists -- while playing his usual brand of tenacious defense. And he put a bow on his stellar evening with a ridiculous dual dribble fakeout that prompted this exchange between Wolves TV announcers Dave Benz and Jim Petersen:
BENZ: When you get plays like this, okay, it just takes your breath away, it really does -- to watch him just make art out there on the floor.

PETERSEN: It's just fantastic. Beautiful. Rubio is a maestro -- he's playing a different game than most other humans.
Here's the footage:

Dang! That's like something out of a video game.

If Ricky can sustain anything close to this level of play, perhaps we'll ultimately look back and thank David Kahn for not burning the Wolves' only available full-maximum contract on Kevin Love last year.

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MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Ricky Rubio is a much better player than Kevin Love.    Ricky is a playmaker on offense and defense.  Kevin Love only brings good offense to the table. 


@MicheleBachmann sports are the coolest way to worship jerk off rich dudes who love coporate wellfare


@MicheleBachmann Kevin Love is one of the best defensive rebounders in the league... so there's that.. 


@Scoops @MicheleBachmann And there's also how badly the Wolves have played without Love --- much liketh etema that tanked last year without Rubio. And look how vulnerable the Spurs are with two stars injured. That's just how important star players are in the NBA. Having Love and Rubio together and healthy might just be the difference between a lottery entrant and a contender.

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