Ricky Rubio's in-game pep talk to Shved: "Alexey, change this face. Be happy. Enjoy!" [VIDEO]

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Feeling down? Just imagine Ricky patting you on the head and telling you to turn the frown upside down, and your attitude will improve in a jiff.
If the whole basketball thing doesn't work out for him -- and these days, it's working out pretty well -- Ricky Rubio would probably be an amazing self-help guru.

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A little under a year ago, we marveled at the wisdom Ricky displayed during the early stages of his recovery from devastating knee injury. Then, last night, he shared his Zen-like perspective on life with rookie Alexey Shved during the Timberwolves' nationally televised 116-94 loss to the Lakers.

Shved -- a young Russian who has had a promising albeit inconsistent rookie season -- was in the midst of a rough 1-5 shooting night and sulking while walking back to the court after a timeout when Ricky sought him out and offered this advice: "Alexey, change this face. Be happy. Enjoy!"

Here's the video:

It's something to keep in mind next time you've got the blues. Thanks, Ricky.

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