Scott Walker takes shot at Dayton, proving that those in glass houses do throw stones

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Walker views Dayton's snowbird tax as an opportunity for his state.
Thanks to Wisconsin's dismal job market, Scott Walker is in a glass house. But that isn't stopping him from throwing stones at Mark Dayton.

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Today, Walker took to Twitter to lob a diss at Dayton for his proposed snowbird tax.

Here's what Walker tweeted: As we told you about last month, Dayton wants non-residents who spent more than 60 days a year in Minnesota to pay a prorated income tax. According to the AP, no other state has adopted a tax of that sort.

As Dayton told reporters in January, "One of the unfairnesses [is that] that somebody can spend six months and one day out of the state and pay no personal income taxes and come back here and take advantage of all the state has to offer for five months and 29 days."

Dayton's snowbird tax would raise about $15 million annually, but it doesn't seem to have much support in the legislature, and the governor now acknowledges it "probably isn't going anywhere," according to the AP.

Dayton hasn't yet responded to Walker's ding, but if he's looking for some material, here's a suggestion -- "Sure, Scott, Wisconsin is less taxing. But it's also less employed since you took office. #coincidence?"

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green23 topcommenter

He's only 184k jobs short of his promised 250k. Of course, he promised to *create* 250k new jobs -- not *steal* them from other States.

Trevor Ludwig
Trevor Ludwig

Now he's begging for people to move there? sad...


"Come to Wisconsin (its beautiful and less taxing than Minnesota)" - Its WHATis beautiful and less taxing than Minnesota?

Tracy Madden
Tracy Madden

Perhaps Walker should get off Twitter and work on job creation for the people of his state.

Brian Steidl
Brian Steidl

in WI is becoming a place to be from as disinvestment rovides a clue to their future.


@Onan Using correct punctuation must not be one of Governor Walker's strengths.

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