Sean Hannity: Keith Ellison is akin to anti-white, anti-semitic KKK member [VIDEO]

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Hannity devoted a good chunk of last night's show to trying to portray Ellison as a radical.
Not content to let bygones be bygones following Keith Ellison's bitterly contentious appearance on his show earlier this week, Sean Hannity put the Congressman on blast last night.

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Hannity devoted a segment of his show to detailing Ellison's history with the Nation of Islam -- in particular, pastor Louis Farrakhan and his late militant assistant Khalid Mohammed.

Hannity went as far as to suggest that because Ellison helped organized the Million Man March at which Farrakhan was the keynote speaker, and because the anti-semitic Mohammed was Farrakhan's assistant, Ellison is akin to a bizarro-world Klan member.

From Salon:
Hannity accused Ellison of having "a host of radical of connections," and revived attacks made during Ellison's 2006 campaign about ties to Farrakhan and the Million Man March. "The reality is, the Congressman not only associated with these radicals - but he spent years spewing their hateful rhetoric," Hannity said.

He continued: "What is the difference, I mean, do we have somebody then in Congress that is the equivalent of one side of what the Klan is? Because I view the rabid ranting of Khalid Mohammed as frightening in terms of racism, anti-Semitism."
Here's raw footage of Hannity's segment:

Think Progress explains why Hannity's attempt to link Ellison to radical views is misleading:
In the late 1990s, Ellison worked with the group to organize the Million Man March, but apologized for failing to "adequately scrutinize the positions and statements" of the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan six years ago in a letter to the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

"I wrongly dismissed concerns that they were anti-Semitic," he wrote, adding, "They were and are anti-Semitic and I should have come to that conclusion earlier than I did." "I have long since distanced myself from and rejected the Nation of Islam due to its propagation of bigoted and anti-Semitic ideas and statements, as well as other issues."

After the accusations first surfaced in 2006, Ellison's Jewish law school colleagues said that "they never got the impression that Ellison himself was anti-Semitic" and American Jewish World, the newspaper for Minnesota's Jewish community, endorsed him.

The Jewish Community Relations Council has since defended him from anti-Muslim attacks. "Representative Ellison is a friend to the Jewish community and we have enjoyed a strong working relationship with him since he assumed office in 2007," the group said in a statement released last year.
In a statement distributed before the show aired, Ellison communications director Jeremy Slevin characterized Hannity's attacks as "a smear campaign." From the statement:
We need as many of our friends as possible supporting Rep. Ellison and helping him stand up against right-wing hate...

[Hannity is] bringing up spurious accusations of guilt by association that Ellison's constituents rejected 7 years ago when he was first elected... This is part of a long line of lies and distortion.
In a separate statement, Ellison calls Hannity "sad." More from Ellison:
[Friday], a set of devastating cuts will hit every American, costing 750,000 jobs over the course of the yearif Congress doesn't act. The seriousness of these cuts was the subject and context of my spirited exchange with Sean Hannity on Tuesday night...

Americans deserve journalists who provide responsible, objective reporting. Instead, Sean Hannity is bringing up my religion and making personal attacks. This is sad. Can we get back to what's best for the American people now?
Nobody comes out of this smelling like a rose, do they?

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TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

Ellison did look pathetic in this. Sean is a tool and most here would concur. However, there is a VERY good reason this interview did not air in context within our local TV media.Ellison acted like a child..,

digitalprotocol topcommenter

why is CP relaying what a paid liar has to say...hannity = paid liar


Hannity, and Fox News, have become irrelevant.

CinBlueland topcommenter

Oh Think Progress says.. What? Was Mother Jones not available for a comment? If you're going to that extreme to backup a viewpoint why not submit a counter point from Michelle Malkin or Anne Coulter?

Jason Bistodeau
Jason Bistodeau

Mel, of COURSE he won't say it to Ellison's face - he'd have to listen to an educated man reprimand him again for being a complete tool. lol

Mel Lovejoy
Mel Lovejoy

Won't say that to his face, heh, Hanniity?


Hannity should have stuck with being a roofer.


Somebody call the WAAAAAAhmbulance! It'a butthurt right wing tool!

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter


Hmmm, so you and the phony MB are the same person.


That a uniquely descriptive word for two people in here to use


@TheConservativeJerk @Hannity Fox News is the equivalent of McDonald's. It's popular with American's who don't know any better... and the more of it that they consume the worse off they are.

 Keep in mind the Daily Show has had higher ratings than any show on Fox. That's because the state of televised news in America really is a joke. We're laughing at you.

CinBlueland topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann @CinBlueland MB! Baby, havent seen you around in awhile. 

Don't be so upset, darling, I'm no fan of Hannity, just saying using "Think Progress" as a source is a bit thin. 

You've called Aaron a racist for reporting only "black" crime in mpls using the strib as a source.. Same thing.

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann @CinBlueland

Of course conservatives are wrong when you can't remember yesterday.

Bush was almost a big of a piece of crap as Obama.  Michele, you are the unic with message of a broken record.

MB, no matter whom you are responding to, it’s always the same tone and projection of what others think.    Perhaps because your own thoughts scare you...

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@CinBlueland  Stupid conservative crybabies like you are the absolute worst.  Think Progress has nothing in common with Hannity, Malkin, and Coulter since they are actually correct in their reporting most of the time.  Hannity, Malkin, Coulter, and you have zero credibility because you are always wrong about everything.  You are a bunch of Bush supporting idiots whose every prediction about Obama has been wrong.  Not only that you are too stupid to admit you are wrong and change so instead you conservative idiots whine and complain about everything.   No one wants to hear from a stupid butthurt crybaby idiot who was so dumb that he thinks George W. Bush needed to be President twice.      

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