Sid Hartman interviews Tyus Jones with recorder that might've been Fred Flinstone's [PHOTO]

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Sid is so old, he was general manager of the Minneapolis Lakers! (Seriously!) And he's still working today. Kudos to him.
At 93 years old, Sid Hartman continues to write columns for the Star Tribune. He's 77 years older than 16-year-old Apple Valley basketball star Tyus Jones.

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Last night, Jones's 23 points, six steals, and five assists led Apple Valley to a 62-55 victory over Eden Prairie in the state semifinals. Jones is currently rated the number two high school prospect in the whole country, and reporters, including Sid, gathered to ask him some questions following the game.

At one point, Sid -- who began using Twitter about a year ago, making him possibly the oldest tweeter in the world -- managed to squirrel Tyus away for a bit of one-on-one time. Here's a photograph of Sid, Tyus, and the prehistoric tape recorder Sid was using:

sid and tyus.jpeg
@alex_cono on Twitter

We'd really like to get a listen to Sid's interview tapes, if only because we suspect it might help us understand what brontosauruses sounded like back in the day.

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