St. Paul duo busted transporting 26 pounds of pot in Oregon [PHOTO]

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Swenson (left) and Shepherd (right) were carrying a quantity of pot worth more than most yearly salaries in their trunk.
Two 27-year-olds from St. Paul were busted in Oregon on Tuesday morning with a lifetime's worth of pot in their vehicle -- 26 pounds, to be exact.

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Gregory Swenson and William Shepherd were arrested and now face a felony delivery of a controlled substance charge that could land them behind bars for as much as a decade. Both men were released from custody.

Since you've probably never seen 26 pounds of pot in one place at one time, you can thank the Oregon State Police for helpfully sharing the following photo of the stash Swenson and Shepherd were had in their trunk (click to enlarge):

pot smuggle photo.jpg

Swenson and Shepherd were driving a red 2008 Pontiac G-6 when they were pulled over for a traffic violation just after 9:30 Tuesday morning while traveling northbound on Interstate 5 near Cottage Grove, Oregon. It's unclear why police ending up searching the vehicle's trunk, but when they did, they found the 26 pound stash jammed into a duffel bag.

According to Oregon's KOIN news, Swenson and Shepherd were carrying a total of $65,000 worth of ganja. Getting all that taken away is definitely a bummer, dudes.

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Juan: What "nasty stuff" and what do you mean by "our streets"?  transporting 26lbs (I'm sorry but FAR less than a year's salary worth) in an "almost legal" state directly in-between 2 *actually legal states has no affect on the amount of pot we have here in this "almost legal" state of MN.  I'm sorry by why don't you spend your stresses on one of the many true ills this world suffers instead of propagating the untruths of our past.  Marijuana as a plant is the most useful agricultural product we have.  Marijuana as a medicine is similarly if not more useful.  Marijuana as a recreation is a mostly non-harmful... NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

What bullshit.  We could solve our financial problems while reducing crime if pot was legal.  What a waste of time and resources putting these two guys in jail.  So stupid.

Joe Duggan
Joe Duggan

well.. i guess. you, citypages. YOU consider that a lifetime's worth?!?!

Joe Duggan
Joe Duggan

they consider THAT a lifetime's worth?

Marlena Joy
Marlena Joy

Hope that the two are asking themselves: "Was it worth it?" Doh!


1. Never violate traffic laws when transporting illegal drugs.

2. Never consent to a search of your vehicle. Let them try to make up a probably cause, and then try to get it thrown out in court. Never, ever consent to a search, no matter how they cajole or threaten you.

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