Temple Israel defaced by graffiti [PHOTOS] [UPDATE]

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temple israel banner.jpg
Photos by Aaron Rupar
Vandals tagged all sides of the Temple Israel building near Franklin & Hennepin.
-- Update at bottom of post --

Temple Israel was defaced overnight by vandals who defaced the synagogue in numerous spots with graffiti.

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It's unclear to us if there's any message hidden in the tags, but if you think you see something, let us know in the comments. The Jewish holiday of Passover began yesterday.

Here's some photos of the damage (click to enlarge):

temple israel 1.jpg
temple israel 2.jpg
temple israel 3.jpg
temple israel 4.jpg
temple israel 5.jpg

According to the synagogue's website, Temple Israel, located at 2324 Emerson Ave. S., was the first synagogue established in Minneapolis and is now one of the ten largest congregations in the U.S.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Temple Israel senior rabbi Marcia Zimmerman said the vandalism doesn't appear to be hate-related and will be cleaned up by the end of the day today.

With Passover beginning this week, "The timing of this does not go unnoticed for the Jewish community, whether or not that was the intent of the person who vandalized our building," Zimmerman told the Star Tribune. "It jogs the historic memory of vandalism throughout the world in the Jewish community... So I think that's the piece we take notice of without even knowing the intent of the person who did this."

Security cameras show a man spray-painting the building before midnight last night, Zimmerman told the Strib. Temple Israel was first built in 1928 and has been vandalized in the past, though Zimmerman said to the best of her knowledge no previous incidents have been hate-related.

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digitalprotocol topcommenter

real shit job by the tagger...lacks everything


The "secret" message is this - "I'm a douchebag tagger and have decided to deface a nice building."

Akiva Benavraham
Akiva Benavraham

Childs play or gang threats,nothing can be taken too lightly!!! MPLSPD hopefuly will find out what this is all about soon. Chag Somayach


The "Cy" tag can be found all over the neighborhood - not specific to Temple.

Leif R. Brostrom
Leif R. Brostrom

I drove by last night while it was happening and called it in to them, they're incredibly disheartened.


Aimless Graffiti. on one of the coolest buildings on Hennepin...

Brian Steidl
Brian Steidl

That is so sad. they do not stand alone.

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

What? Graffiti at this day and age?


@randomness I second this.  They're no doubt reading this article too.  I suppose Aaron made their day.

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