Top 19 anonymous confessions on U of M Facebook page

The anonymous Facebook page for U of M confessions has over 6,000 "likes."
College students have always wanted to spill secrets, whether over dollar beers or in scribbled graffiti on the library bathroom wall. It was probably inevitable that before long, the bathroom wall would meet the Facebook wall.

As the Star Tribune's Jenna Ross reported last week, Facebook "confessions" pages have become the latest platform for collegians to anonymously bare their souls. The secrets found on the pages range from the serious, like dealing with privilege in the college bubble, to, um... sexting, sexploits, not having sex, and other important extracurricular activities.

When Ross wrote her story, the U of M and the University of St. Thomas both had confessions pages active enough to be irritating the official administrations. Since that article ran, the University of St. Thomas's page was shut down after the page's creator had a meeting with the school's dean of students. The U of M's page though, which hosts comparatively "classy" confessions, is still going strong.

We read through the recent U of M posts, which are submitted anonymously via the tool Survey Monkey, and plucked the 19 best. Here they are, grouped into commonly-recurring categories for your nostalgia-and-contact-hangover-inducing pleasure.

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More top confessions on page two.

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