Twin Citians among best budgeters in the country, study says

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Hypothesis -- all the dough we're blowing on local beer is more than made up for by the money we save riding bikes instead of driving.
Regardless of what you think about how our state government spends money, a new study indicates Twin Cities residents are some of the most fiscally responsible around.

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According to Card Hub's "Best & Worst Budgeters in the U.S." study, Minneapolis (by which they really mean "Twin Cities" -- take that St. Paul!) is home to the fifth-best budgeters in the country.

Carb Hub considered debt-to-income ratio; credit score; combined bankruptcy and foreclosure rate; revolving debt adjusted for cost of living; total debt-to-median home price ratio; and non-housing expenses adjusted for cost of living, relative to average income. Here's how they came up with the rankings from there:
Using the most recent data available... we rank-ordered the 30 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the United States, as determined by Census Bureau data, for each of the above metrics. Each of the first five metrics mentioned above were then weighted equally in order to determine the overall rankings, with "Non-Housing Expenses Adjusted for Cost of Living, Relative to Average Income" used as a tie-breaker given that the requisite data was not available for every MSA in this category.
And here's the breakdown of the top 10 budgeting cities:

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Card Hub

As you can see, Twin Citians aren't afraid to take on debt, but we seem to know where to draw the line in order to avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure.

But Card Hub's study focuses on homeownership and neglects the budgeting one needs to do in order to rent a reasonable apartment in a brutal rental market. And in that respect, some of us... ah... well, suffice it to say some of us are faring better than others.

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