University of Minnesota publishes job posting for head men's basketball coach

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Image by Tatiana Craine
Think you're a better coach than Tubby? Here's your opportunity to prove it!
At the news conference where he discussed his decision to fire Tubby Smith, University of Minnesota Athletics Director Norwood Teague said he wouldn't be relying on a search team to find Smith's replacement. The implication was that he had a plan and didn't need outside help with the job search.

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Well, if a new job posting on the U of M's website can be believed, Teague's plan could involve sifting through hundreds if not thousands of applications.

Here it is:

u of m job post 1.jpg
u of m job post 2.jpg
u of m job post 3.jpg

So polish up your resume and get that application in quick! It's a great gig if you can land it -- after all, if the past is precedent, even if you suck and get fired, you'll end up with a cool mil or two as a going-away present.

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