Uptown cabbie says he was robbed, stuffed in trunk

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Getting robbed is bad. Even worse is getting forced into a trunk afterward.
A Rainbow Taxi cab driver told Minneapolis police he was robbed and forced into the trunk of his vehicle this morning in Uptown.

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The cabbie says the incident occurred just before 6 a.m. on the 2900 block of Hennepin Avenue South. The suspect, who police are describing merely as "a black man," is still on the loose.

According to WCCO, the robber "implied he had a gun" before robbing the cab driver and forcing him into the trunk. The cabbie told police he wasn't sure how much money he lost. Also unclear is whether the suspect was in the vehicle or approached on the street before the robbery.

KSTP reports that the cabbie eventually got out of the trunk by using the emergency release valve.

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