Wisconsin GOP legislator blacklists five reporters because they're "LIBERAL'S"

Pridemore is running for one of Wisconsin's top education posts, yet apparently hasn't yet mastered apostrophe usage.
Wisconsin state Rep. Don Pridemore, R-Hartford, is taking heat for blacklisting five reporters for seemingly no good reason. But perhaps he should be taking more heat for apparently being oblivious of the difference between "liberals" and "liberal's."

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Pridemore is campaigning to become superintendent of Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction, and a memo leaked from his campaign to the Madison Capital Times reveals he instructed staffers not to give interviews or even return the calls of a handful of reporters he deemed to be ideological enemies.

Here's the memo, which was published on Jim Romenesko's blog:

wisconsin medialist.jpg

In a report about the leak, Jack Craver -- one of the reporters blacklisted by Pridemore -- details some of the memo's absurd aspects:
Ironically, the memo is dated Dec. 21, before I had ever interviewed Pridemore. At the time, I was repeatedly calling the campaign to set up an interview. On Feb. 1, nearly a month-and-a-half after being put on the "no-call" list, I finally connected with Pridemore for a phone interview, in which we discussed his views on education.

Additionally puzzling is the fact that the only article Politifact has done on Pridemore rated a claim of his as "true."

Unlike many other Republicans, Pridemore's apparently unhappy relationship with traditional media is not mitigated by a happy one with conservative outlets.

"Will conservatives be stuck with Don Pridemore?" tweeted Milwaukee talk radio host Charlie Sykes, linking to a blog post by conservative writer James Wigderson, who lampooned the legislator for his professed support of arresting federal officials who implement Obamacare.

Even Media Trackers, the right-wing website that has feverishly attacked Pridemore's opponent, incumbent Superintendent Tony Evers, bashed Pridemore for missing the high-profile vote on the recent mining bill in order to attend a campaign fundraiser.
As Craver's Capital Times report circulated, Pridemore tried to minimize the political damage by spinning the memo's meaning. From the AP's Scott Bauer -- another of the blacklisted reporters:

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