Wisconsin nude beach closed on weekdays; authorities cite sex and drugs

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From now on, you'll just have to get your Wisconsin nudie beach fix on the weekends.
Last year, the Wisconsin DNR closed the forest around the Mazo nudie beach in hopes of curtailing sex and drugs (at least rock n' roll wasn't a problem). But that didn't do the trick, so now the DNR has gone with the nuclear option -- closing the beach during the week.

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"Our ultimate goal is to have a safe place anybody can feel comfortable using," DNR supervisor Nate Kroeplin told the AP. "And with the current activity going on down there, that's just not the case."

Mazo Beach is located about a half-hour northwest of Madison on the Wisconsin River.

The schedule change goes into effect immediately, so if you want to get your nudist beach fix between now and September 15, you'll have to head to Mazo on a Saturday or Sunday between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

According to the AP, of the 92 citations issued for disorderly conduct or drugs at Mazo during the last five years, 83 were issued during weekdays. During just nine days of surveillance in 2011, authorities arrested 26 people for sexin' and 16 for druggin'; during six days last year, those numbers were 19 and three, respectively. Kroeplin says the stats "aren't exactly showing what's going on out there" and estimates Mazo attracts up to 200 visitors per day during summer weekends.

More from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Though state law does not sanction public nudity on the beach, the volume of visitors who partake in it and the limited number of wardens has prompted the DNR to restrict enforcement to people violating other laws, Kroeplin said.

Bob Morton, director of the Oshkosh-based Naturist Action Committee, said the vast majority of nudists favor stepped up enforcement of drug and sex laws at the beach.

"If you go looking for those you'll find those kinds of acts at any public beach," Morton said. "They (the DNR) are limiting access to legitimate users . . . They've placed the beach off-limits to those who want to go fishing or bring a pair of field glasses to look at birds."
But in fairness, considering we're talking about a nudie beach in the middle of Wisconsin, we're skeptical of the claim folks were bringing "field glasses" to get a closer look at the scenery in the first place.

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