Bomb squad investigates suspicious package at Mall of America, finds no threat [UPDATE]

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The suspicious MOA package was found in a garbage can, just as the Boston Marathon bombs were.
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In the wake of yesterday's Boston attack, people throughout the country are understandably on high alert.

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That's apparent this morning at the Mall of America, where an entrance on the west side of the mall has been closed after a suspicious package was found in a garbage can.

From Fox 9:
The Bloomington Bomb Squad is investigating a suspicious package found in a garbage can outside Mall of America.

The package was found at 8:34 a.m. by a Mall of America security officer performing regular checks on a bicycle. The suspicious package, which had wires sticking out of it, was found in a garbage can on the perimeter road on the mall's west side.
Though business at the MOA is carrying on as usual (with the exception of the one closed entrance), the presence of a bomb squad understandably freaked out some mall-goers: We'll update this post as soon as we know more about what will hopefully turn out to be a false alarm.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Fox 9 reports that the bomb squad found "no threat" from the package.

:::: UPDATE II ::::

Bloomington Police Commander Kevin Herman said this morning's scare was prompted by "old electronics" that were thrown in the trash.

Regardless of the Boston Marathon bombing, Herman told the Star Tribune that police are "always vigilant" around the MOA.

"It's always on our radar that something can happen here," he added.

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