Burnsville man allegedly assaulted his mom, 90, because she wouldn't give him her house

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Gregory Wucherpfennig is allegedly every mother's worst nightmare.
If there's a special circle of hell for men who beat up their elderly mothers, then 56-year-old Burnsville resident Gregory Wucherpfennig will allegedly be residing there.

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Wucherpfennig is charged with numerous felonies after he allegedly roughed up his 90-year-old mother and her dog because she wouldn't sign over her house to him.

From the Pioneer Press:
Officers were called to the Burnsville home of Wucherpfennig's mother on Thursday after another resident alerted them that Wucherpfennig was shoving his mother.

His mother told police he'd slapped her in the head and pulled her hair and had been yelling at her for much of the day because she refused to give him the house.

He refused to take her to a doctor's appointment and "told her he was going to put her in a nursing home," the complaint said.

The mother said this isn't the first time Wucherpfennig has assaulted her.
Wucherpfennig's mother told police that the two had also argued about the house the previous day, and Gregory had gotten so worked up that he threw her dog. Officers observed that the poor pup wasn't putting any weight on one of its legs.

Officers also interviewed the resident who contacted police about the assault. It turns out she had witnessed the Thursday incident as well.

The witness "said she was in her bedroom the day before, when she heard Wucherpfennig yelling, then a loud thump and a dog yelp," Burnsville Patch reports. "The following day she saw him grab his mother by the shoulders and shake her hard, yelling in her face. The witness added that Wucherpfennig asked to leave for a few hours because he 'didn't want her to be a witness.' She refused to go."

Wucherpfennig denies all wrongdoing and claims the dog's injured leg is the result of a growth.

His criminal history is extensive. As Patch reports, Wucherpfennig was convicted of terroristic threats in 2003 and stalking in 2007. He now faces two charges of felony domestic assault, felony coercion, and gross misdemeanor animal cruelty. As of yesterday, he remained in jail with his bail set at $120,000.

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green23 topcommenter

The word "shameful" isn't strong enough to describe this guy's actions. Maybe he'll meet someone in jail who has similar methods of "persuasion".

digitalprotocol topcommenter

ya but why wouldn't mom give him the house...

fkn old people , selfishly holding on


@digitalprotocol I hope you are being facetious. If not, then read the damn article. It shouldn't take a genius to figure out why that clown wouldn't get his mother's house (due to violent track record). Now that this idiot is facing jail time, he shouldn't have any problems worrying about where he will be living at.


@Erica @digitalprotocol I'm assuming that she wouldn't just give him the house because like most people, she can't predict the future and doesn't know when she will die. Ergo, he can get the house *when* she dies - not before.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@Erica  who will get the house then? it is true that old people are selfish and holding on to things they need to give up. reffering mainly to jobs, power too

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