CaringBridge founder Sona Mehring is running for Congress, needs Twitter spellchecker

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A pair of typos in Mehring's first campaign tweet gave conservatives material for pot shots right out of the gate.
Sona Mehring founded CaringBridge, a social networking site designed to facilitate communication from sick or hospitalized people to their family and friends.

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She recently resigned from the company to pursue a congressional bid against John Kline, but the tweet she posted this morning to announce the official start of her campaign left something to be desired -- namely, proper spelling.

Here it is: Mehring managed to avoid further spelling errors in a press release where she explained her candidacy thusly: "[T]here is a crisis in Washington and I am ready to step up again with innovative solutions. Instead of helping solve the problem, Congressman Kline has become part of that gridlock and is out of touch with the people he was elected to represent."

MPR explains why Democrats locally and nationally are optimistic about their chances of defeating Kline next year:
The focus on the 2nd District comes as Democrats look to pick up the 17 seats they would need to capture the U.S. House from the GOP. The district is one of a handful nationwide that chose Democrat Barack Obama for President over Mitt Romney while still sending a Republican to the House.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has put the 2nd on its list of "Red to Blue" districts and vows to pour money into the race.
Mike Obermueller, the Democrat Kline defeated by a 54-46 margin last year, is also seeking the Democratic 2nd Congressional District nomination.

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