Chris Kluwe named Twin Cities PRIDE Grand Marshal

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As Grand Marshal, Kluwe will lead the parade in June.
Over the past eight months, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has emerged as one of the loudest advocates for gay rights in America, so it's perhaps fitting that he will be at the head of the Twin Cities PRIDE parade this summer.

Citing Kluwe's sharp tongue and aggressive position as a straight ally, PRIDE announced Wednesday that Kluwe has been named Grand Marshal of this year's festival. He'll be recognized at a reception, along with other local award winners, on June 21 at Aloft Minneapolis. On June 30, he'll judge the PRIDE float contest and lead the parade. Kluwe will also use the occasion to release his book, Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies.

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Watch Chris Kluwe spend a day in a wheelchair

"It has been incredibly inspiring to see Chris take such a solid and outspoken stance for gay marriage and GLBT support," says Twin Cities PRIDE Executive Director Dot Belstler, in a statement. "His voice has provided hope, encouragement and excitement to a huge population of supporters in our community, and it is my honor to have him as a part of our celebration."

Choosing the PRIDE Grand Marshal is a lengthy process, says spokesman Ryan McEnanry. Candidates first have to be nominated through a formal letter, and the PRIDE board narrows the field and ultimately selects winner.

"He has opened such incredible doors on a huge level," says McEnanry. "He's very, very connected in the state, and has voiced his opinion a lot, and has raised a lot of awareness.

Kluwe also recorded a short video for the organization's "I Have PRIDE" campaign:

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Well, considering the Attention Whore knows that his NFL career is basically over, he has to find some way to keep him in the spotlight. 

Jim Clark Eagan
Jim Clark Eagan

Why should he? He's happily married with kids. Not everyone who supports the equal rights of all is automatically gay.


Wow, Eric Shawn Smith, how typical! Guess what? There are millions of STRAIGHT people supporting the GLBT community. Surprised? Yeah, buddy. You're more and more alone in your little, very little world.

Drewey topcommenter

@Eric Shawn Smith Have you?

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