Edina native live-tweets Boston bombing shootout as it happens outside his window [PHOTOS]

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andrew kitzenberg.jpg
Andrew Kitzenberg on Twitter
Kitzenberg had to flee his apartment on two separate occasions as law enforcement tried to apprehend the Boston bombing suspects.
Edina native Andrew Kitzenberg now lives in Watertown, Massachusetts, and last night, he ended up with a front-row seat as Boston-area law enforcement officers engaged in a shootout with the two Boston bombing suspects.

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Though it must've been a terrifying situation, Kitzenberg, a 26-year-old graduate of Breck High School, live-tweeted the drama as it unfolded.

In an interview with the Star Tribune around 7:30 this morning that had to be cut short as police stormed a neighboring house, Kitzenberg said he had just turned off the Minnesota Wild game shortly after midnight when "I heard gunshots. I peeked through the window and saw two shooters between two cars."

Kitzenberg ended up having to flee his apartment. When he returned home, there were bullet holes in his wall and in a chair.

Here's the timeline of what he was able to document with the help of his camera phone:

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Kirk Matte
Kirk Matte

his dad used to be my dentist..lol

Terri Uravich
Terri Uravich

Thanks CP for the updates. You're one of the few news papers I actually read both in paper and online form.

Sharon Stelzig Snyder
Sharon Stelzig Snyder

The previous movie link works, so it looks like it is specifically the blogs.citypages.com that's flagging the malware alert.

City Pages Minneapolis
City Pages Minneapolis

We've been working on it all day -- hopefully it will be sorted out sometime soon! Thanks for the updates on what you're seeing, and thanks for your patience!

Terri Uravich
Terri Uravich

So did mine. I used to be able to open the pages after clicking on them from CP'S fb page. Just tried going to CP'S website (and I only use Firefox and it worked till today.) to open this and can't.

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