Gay marriage advocates not happy about MNGOPer's last-minute civil unions bill

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Kelly is upset with Dems for pushing marriage equality so soon after the marriage amendment vote.
Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Red Wing, will hold a press conference this afternoon to discuss his late-breaking plan to legalize civil unions instead of gay marriage this legislative session.

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But the legislators who are leading the push for marriage equality in each of their respective chambers -- Rep. Karen Clark, D-Minneapolis, and Sen. Scott Dibble -- quickly went on the record and said they don't support civil unions.

"It's a little late to be coming with something like this to deflect the momentum that's out there to really make sure that it's marriage equality, not a second class status that doesn't work," Clark told MPR. "It just plain doesn't work."

Dibble also expressed concern that civil unions are separate and unequal from marriages.

Speaking of gay marriage, Dibble told MPR, "Minnesotans are ready for this."

According to KMSP, "Kelly was one of four Republicans to vote against the constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage [in 2011], but still believes gay marriage supporters went too far when their campaign shifted from defeating the amendment to legalizing same sex marriage."

The Dibble-Clark marriage equality bill was approved by House and Senate committees last month and is awaiting a full vote. Dibble believes the measure has enough political support to be signed into law this year, though the fact some Democrats openly oppose gay marriage while others remain undecided has raised questions about whether Dibble's confidence is justified.

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