Glen Perkins hooks up Twins tickets for "screwed" fan

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Who needs Ticket King when you've got Glen Perkins and a Twitter account?
Hours before the Twins' Sunday afternoon game, closer Glen Perkins went out of his way to hook up tickets for a fan who said on Twitter he was "screwed over" when he tried to buy some online.

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And these weren't nosebleeds. Perkins left four lower-level, behind-home-plate tickets for the fan and his girlfriend, cousin, and grandma.

Here's the exchange: As he settled in to watch the game, Berg thanked Perkins for what he did: Afterward, Perkins expressed surprise at how many tweeters were saying nice things to him for hooking Berg up: It should be noted that Perkins is a Minnesota boy through and through, having attended Stillwater High School and the University of Minnesota. Minnesota nice, indeed.

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