Greg Jennings snookers ESPN Wisconsin reporter with April Fools' joke

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Jason Wilde (left); Jennings (right)
Greg Jennings came up with one of the better April Fools' jokes we saw yesterday.
Most April Fools' Day jokes are pretty lame. But new Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings actually offered up a pretty good one.

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Jennings is a fairly prolific tweeter and has more than 300,000 followers, and more than a few of them were surprised to wake up to this tweet yesterday:

Some of Jennings's followers surmised that he was joking right away, but Jason Wilde, senior NFL writer for ESPN Wisconsin, bought it hook, line, and sinker, and promptly got on his moral high horse: But shortly thereafter, Jennings made clear that he was just April Fooling: Wilde, as you'd expect, took a good deal of ribbing from his followers for his gullibility.

Meanwhile, by making Wisconsinites look bad before he's played a game in purple, Jennings is already earning his $47.5 million as far as we're concerned.

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