Jim Graves will run again next year, setting up rematch with Bachmann [UPDATE]

jim graves 560.jpeg
It's official: Graves is making another run for Michele Bachmann's job.
Jim Graves will be running for Congress in the Sixth District again next year, his campaign manager, Aaron Wells, announced this morning.

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Graves, founder of AmericInn and of the luxury-focused Graves Hospitality company, lost to Bachmann by a mere 4,207 votes last November. She outspent him more than seven times over.

In comments made to the St. Cloud Times, Wells explained Graves's decision as follows: "Jim knows that everybody heard his message last time about his business experience and the need for serious change... He's feeling such an outpouring of support."

Adding to the appeal of running again is the fact that Bachmann has already generated a long political career's worth bad press during the first 100 days of 2013 alone.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Just moments after news of Graves's announcement circulated, Michele Bachmann added a section to her website attacking him. Here's a screengrab (click to enlarge):

bachmann blasts graves.jpg

Further down the page, the unfactcheckable Bachmann ironically says Graves "rarely lets the facts get in the way of his blind support of radical left-wing priorities" and characterizes him as "a puppet for the Obama/Pelosi agenda." She then hits up supporters for cash.

You know what they say about there being no political offseason...

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