Last Place owner Jim Carlson arrested again, one day after posting bail

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Carlson has been arrested twice in the past week -- first for alleged drug sales, then for a gun violation.
If it wasn't already clear, it's now more apparent than ever that Duluth officials are bound and determined to shut down the Last Place on Earth once and for all.

THE BACKSTORY: Jim Carlson's son allegedly sold bath salt used in recent overdose to an undercover agent

Just one day after posting $480,000 bail in connection with felony drug sales charges, store owner Jim Carlson is back behind bars.

Carlson was arrested yesterday on suspicion of violating his federal probation. In December, he was charged with 54 violations of federal law, and one of the terms of his release was not to have guns on his person or in his store. But when Duluth-area police raided his store last Friday and arrested him on suspicion of the drug sales charges, they found a gun.

So the Last Place on Earth, which reopened Tuesday after shuttering for the weekend following Carlson's Friday's arrest, is again closed.

Furthermore, Carlson will have to appear before a federal magistrate judge before having an opportunity to post bail and reopen his store, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

As Carlson put it when he was arrested last Friday, it appears "the Nazis" have got him again.

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SXSW was a great idea, and a place I wanted to visit , till corporate sponsers started to run things . Now that cool vibe it had "has gone out the window"  .


Baboon Heart with all the footage around St Anthony main and Nicolet Island  shold get a little mention

Edward Bertsch
Edward Bertsch

This dude looks like a heavy user of his own product...


Should be a "Good Lil Nazis" and do as the powers say lol 

digitalprotocol topcommenter

yes it seems the nazis are out to get him...

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