Lilydale Park hikers witnessed man burning to death in apparent self-immolation

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Tad Vezner on Twitter
In the caption to this photo, the PiPress's Tad Vezner writes that authorities "found the guy here, about 100-200 yards from bottom/river."
Two hikers out yesterday evening in St. Paul's Lilydale/Harriet Island Regional Park got an extremely grisly surprise when they came across a man engulfed in flames.

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Despite their efforts to save the man, including placing a water-soaked coat on his body, he ended up dying of his injuries.

One of the hikers told the Pioneer Press that around 6 p.m. he heard a whimper, looked over a bluff, and saw a man burning in the midst of flames "four to five feet high."

"I wish I'd never seen that," the hiker said.

They called 911, but by the time paramedics arrived the man was no longer breathing. A large container of lighter fluid was found near his body, the PiPress reports.

The self-immolating man's identity hasn't yet been released, nor have St. Paul authorities said anything about his possible motivations. An investigation is ongoing.

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