Mall of America's aphid population under attack from 72,000 ladybugs

Image by Tatiana Craine
At the Megamall and broke? Take some ladybugs home as free souvenirs!
There are 30,000 air-purifying live plants, including 400 trees, in the Mall of America. And there are also thousands of aphids trying to eat them.

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So officials have decided to one-up the aphids by releasing a whole shit ton of ladybugs into the mall.

Discovery reports this isn't the first time officials have released ladybugs -- aphids' "natural enemy" -- into the mall. They're viewed as "an alternative to commercial pesticides" and have the virtue of being more interested in chowing aphids than they are in trying to freeload while you're scarfing down Panda Express eggrolls.

If nothing else, the ladybugs' war on aphids will give you something to look for the next time you decide to hole up in the Megamall for days on end.

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You can keep rewriting this article and reposting it with a different headline, but it's not going to make anyone care.

Eric Colleary
Eric Colleary

What will they bring in to take care of the ladybugs? Remember the old lady who swallowed a fly?

Jeanne Øiaas
Jeanne Øiaas

Nature is doing it's best to stomp out mass consumerism

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