Maplewood couple gets probation for raising baby in "putrid" home [PHOTOS]

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Clayton, complete with swastika tattoo on his arm, shares a moment with Rebecca (left). At right, their mugshots.
This week, Rebecca Koecher and Clayton Johnson were sentenced to two years of probation for raising their 1-year-old son in a "putrid" Maplewood home.

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The couple's sad legal saga began when Clayton drunkenly pounded on his landlord's door on February 4. When police arrived at Rebecca and Clayton's residence to see what the fuss was about, they encountered a scene that would prompt authorities to prohibit them from having contact with their child for nearly three months.

According to the criminal complaint, Clayton struggled with officers when they arrived at the home. The Pioneer Press tells the story from there:
Clayton and Rebecca with their son.
Maplewood police found Koecher, 23, in a garbage-filled, "putrid" home... [she was] lying "almost atop" her 22-month-old son. Police found an empty vodka bottle on the floor by the bed.

Officers were overcome with the smell of rot when they entered the residence. They saw dirty laundry and food on the floor and table. Dirty diapers were found throughout the home. The refrigerator contained only condiments and an expired carton of eggs. Mold grew in the freezer. A seemingly plugged toilet was brimming with waste.
During sentencing, Koecher said she's been in treatment and owned up to making mistakes, the PiPress reports. The no-contact orders barring both parents from seeing their child were also lifted.

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